Divine Em's movement experience began at the tender age of three and includes training in a diverse collection of styles and traditions: tap, hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz, African, and salsa.  After a colleague recommended classes, Divine registered for her first pole class and was immediately smitten!  

Divine studied pole fitness for two years before realizing that for the first time in her life, she felt compelled to do more than take class.  She was ready to immerse herself in pole art and sensual movement, selflessly sharing her experience and insight with a diverse and progressive population.  


Having taught now for over a decade, Divine Em is the proud co-founder of Fly Club.  Divine is a seasoned performer as well as an international pole athlete, having competed across the country, as well as in Dubai, Mexico, and Spain.  In addition to her group classes, Divine is also available for private and semi-private lessons.


Caitlin is a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)  and elevatED pole instructor teacher with 10+ years of Zazen meditation experience from studying with Buddhist monks in Hiroshima. She has honed her yoga teaching style with a strong emphasis on meditation and its neurological benefits as a path to self-discovery to find your weird, authentic self.

As a pole teacher, she helps students unlock hidden strength both physically and mentally by using pole fitness and dance to explore deeper connections within their bodies.


In addition to being the co-founder of Fly Club, she teaches Pole, Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal Yoga, and has developed a specific yoga program to address the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury.


Texas native, Dalton Rhodes has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years, but it wasn't until 2016 that he stumbled into a pole dancing class. From that moment he was head over 8-inch heel in love with the art form.

Dalton has since traveled across the country teaching, competing, and performing all while honing his own style and flow. He holds titles in various Pole Sport Organization competitions as well as the title of Exotic Generation USA Mens Champion of 2019.


With just a little over a year of pole dance under his belt, Johnny has trained in both aerial silks and gymnastics earlier in life.


Like many others who take on pole, he finds traditional exercise to be unfulfilling and prefers a more artistic outlet. Pole has provided him that and more with his wonderful Fly Club family. Join his classes for a healthy mix of fun and exercise!


Wolfie has been performing on stage for many years, but only recently discovered the guilty pleasures of pole dancing.


He graduated from the Chicago College of Performing Arts with a BFA in Musical Theatre before finding himself fully submerged into the world of pole. Beginning his pole journey in Oct 2019, he trained hard and long to hone in on his skill set and is now incredibly excited to begin teaching at Fly Club.


Wolfie is a strong believer that everyone can find their own sense of sensuality through pole dance and cannot wait to help facilitate those discoveries through his Elements of Sexy classes.  


Alison began pole dancing in 2016 on a whim and quickly fell in love with the artistry, strength, and self-expression of pole dancing. The only thing she loves more than creative spin pole passes is the warm & goofy community of pole dancers that accompany the many hours of training and dancing at Fly Club.


Alison believes that everyone’s movement journeys are unique; she’s so excited to help folks of all fitness and dance backgrounds (including those with none prior to pole, like herself!) discover their own style and passion for pole. Alison currently teaches Mixed Pole and Teen Twirl at Fly Club Chicago and can't wait to move with you.


Known as the Glittering Goddess with the Heart of Gold, Ms. B LaRose is an international award winning burlesque entertainer, based out of Chicago.  Electric, and fun-loving, this fiery Filipina-Latina brings a raw, sultry, mischievous side smile that has been captivating audiences worldwide and was dubbed "The Biggest Tease" at the 2018 International Latin & Hispanic Burlesque Festival.


Ms. B epitomizes elements of classic burlesque, unapologetic prowess, powerful musicality, love of striptease, and joy of modern storytelling in every performance, making her a most hypnotic artist to watch. As an instructor, she is the happiest building stage and life confidence with students, and is praised for being a great listener, effective motivator, and reliable mentor. 


When she is not obliterating the stage, she joyfully spends her time at The School of Art Institute figure modeling for Comic Book & Fashion Illustration classes, having morning tea with her husbear, and traveling the world. Stripped, honest, and beautifully bare, Ms. B LaRose is looking to pollinate her love across the globe, one stage at a time.  


Maria is a dancer and former rhythmic gymnast. With almost 20 years of dance experience, Maria is an adept performer who has trained at Columbia College of Chicago and Aloft Circus School, under the tutelage of world-renowned contortionist, Oyuna Yadamjav. 

In her early years, stretching started as a way to complement her love for dance, but gradually turned into a lifestyle. After fully embracing her passion, she graduated from Alixa Sutton's stretching program and became an IFPA certified stretching coach.

With an innate desire to unlock the full potential inside each one of her students, Maria guides her clients through flexibility techniques that are best suited for each individual body.


Sin Martin started her pole journey in October 2016. Initially, she was looking for a fun fitness regimen that she could actually stick to, but she was immediately smitten with the artistry and challenges of pole dance. Most importantly, Sin fell in love with how good pole dancing made her feel about herself!

Since embarking on her journey, Sin lost 50 pounds while gaining strength, confidence, and several friendships. She describes herself as a life-long learner and continues to study all aspects of sensual and exotic movement.


Sin is now a Liquid Motion certified instructor and has been competing and performing since 2018. Using her background in public arts education, Sin hopes to motivate her students grow, unlock their own creativity, and fall in love with the process of learning!

Join Sin for weekly Drip classes at Fly Club Chicago and floornicate to your heart's content!

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 2.16.31 PM.png

Melanie started her yoga practice 11 years ago as a way to cross train for marathons and rock climbing, and quickly became addicted to the mental benefits of yoga that extend far beyond her physical practice. She completed her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher training six years ago and has been teaching at a variety of studios and workplaces since.

She is passionate about psychology and mental health with training in trauma informed yoga. As a yoga instructor, she likes to help her students become aware of the subtleties of their bodies to enhance their physical and mental performance. 


Sophia took her first pole class in July 2019 and immediately fell in love. Pole has provided Sophia with a safe space for personal exploration without fear of judgment, and she is thrilled to help create this space for future students. She believes that pole helps facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself, your body, and your sexuality - opening the gateway to untapped confidence, strength, patience and more. 

Sophia’s passion lies with sensual movement, heel technique, freestyle, and refining the tiniest of details. She believes strongly that we must always support our stripper and sex worker siblings and trailblazers who brought us the joy of pole. Whether you feel most comfortable in your coziest sweats and socks, or 8” heels and your skimpiest outfit (or maybe both, depending on the day!) Sophia can’t wait to Slink with you!


Heather began her circus & pole training in 2013 and has never looked back. She completed Aloft Circus Arts’ professional circus training program in 2018 and has since performed in full-length circus shows, as well as a number of Chicago cabarets. Heather specializes in dance trapeze, aerial pole, and aerial hoop.

Combining high-level skills with seamless transitions, musicality, and emotion are the focuses of her solo work. Heather aims to find the ways in which strength and power can be soft and feminine.


Want in on another secret? Thanks to Heather, we will be able to offer weekly lyra classes!  


Until then, catch FlexyPole with Heather and learn how to get bent - on and around the pole.


Julia began her dance  journey in high school with her poms team and the After School Matters program. She immediately immersed herself into the world of dance, taking countless classes from renowned instructors from across the nation. After joining a group called JiggNation, Julia discovered her feminine sensuality through movement and focused her training in heels technique. 

Julia began her heel technique 5 months ago and is currently working towards fusing her dance style with her newfound love of pole.

Her heels class, affectionately titled Puss n' Boots, will help you to hone your stiletto prowess and have you pop, lock, AND dropping it with sass and sensuality.


Birdee is no stranger to movement. Since the tender age of 5, she has been fascinated with a wide breadth of physical hobbies. While on her journey through movement practice, Birdee has found a permanent home in pole. Combining her passions of dance, strength training, and emotional intuition into one cohesive practice, Birdee has been involved with the pole community since 2019. 

Now a certified Pole instructor, Birdee is ready to help you explore everything it means to get your wings! She is inspired by student-instructor connections and values the time she is able to spend with her class participants endlessly.


Char is a circus artist, training primarily in contortion. She attended Aloft's full-time training program and was able to work with a number of renowned artists and coaches throughout the country.

As someone who began her contortion journey well into adulthood, Char understands both the real and perceived limitations of the body. This is reflected in her training and teaching style, where she pushes forward towards improvement while having extreme awareness for safety and understanding how to work with one's own mind and body.


For as long as she can remember, Danielle has loved to dance. Since a young girl, Danielle has been immersed in the world of performance art - from musical theater, traveling show choir, or dance recitals.

It wasn't until Danielle began dancing with a dance studio on the Southside of Chicago in 201 7 that she learned the movement techniques of feminine energy and sensuality. Not to mention how to be SEXY AS HELL!

Since then, Danielle has learned how to not only move with intention, but how to also tease AND please a crowd. Danielle discovered the rabbit hole that is pole dance in 2020 and enjoy every moment. She believes that pole has been an excellent addition to her dance abilities and can't wait to see how far she can go!

Danielle believes that every person should live in their sexy and own it to the fullest. Her goal is to teach students exactly how to do that while simultaneously personalizing and individualizing their individual movement - along with touches of  eye contact, attitude, joy, and authenticity.


Emma was first introduced to the world of pole in 2018 and has been hooked ever since! A former competitive gymnast, she found that pole was the perfect way to challenge herself - both mentally and physically. Emma received her pole instructor certification in 2019 and her pole silks endorsement in 2021.

Emma pays particular attention to body mechanics, ensuring a positive experience for students of all levels and abilities. Having struggled with chronic illness, Emma has rediscovered a strength she never thought she'd find again - through pole dance. Making the movement accessible and attainable to all is her mission. Emma strives to make her classes welcoming, inclusive, and fun! Wherever you are in your pole journey, Emma is ready to teach you that pole is for everybody and every BODY!