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Divine Em's movement experience began at the tender age of three and includes training in a diverse collection of styles and traditions: tap, hip-hop, ballet, modern, jazz, African, and salsa.  After a colleague recommended classes, Divine registered for her first pole class and was immediately smitten!  

Divine studied pole fitness for two years before realizing that for the first time in her life, she felt compelled to do more than take class.  She was ready to immerse herself in pole art and sensual movement, selflessly sharing her experience and insight with a diverse and progressive population.  


Having taught now for over a decade, Divine Em is the proud co-founder of Fly Club.  Divine is a seasoned performer as well as an international pole athlete and champion, having competed nationally, as well as in Dubai, Mexico, and Spain.  In addition to her group classes, Divine is also available for private and semi-private lessons.


Caitlin is a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)  and elevatED pole instructor teacher with 10+ years of Zazen meditation experience from studying with Buddhist monks in Hiroshima. She has honed her yoga teaching style with a strong emphasis on meditation and its neurological benefits as a path to self-discovery to find your weird, authentic self.

As a pole teacher, she helps students unlock hidden strength both physically and mentally by using pole fitness and dance to explore deeper connections within their bodies.


In addition to being the co-founder of Fly Club, she teaches Pole, Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal Yoga, and has developed a specific yoga program to address the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury.


Gucci is a born and raised forever Chicagoan. But she loves NYC slices over deep dish.

She has been a lover of pole dance and fitness since her first class. When that movement happened, a switch was flipped! Which eventually evolved into a first place amateur pole competition medal.

"A lot of people resist transition and therefore, never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you're in and take advantage of it."

~Nikki Giovanni

It brings her joy to bring her customer service and management skills to Fly Club!

"It's all about the movement, experience, and environment."



Texas native, Dalton Rhodes has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years, but it wasn't until 2016 that he stumbled into a pole dancing class. From that moment he was head over 8-inch heel in love with the art form.

Dalton has since traveled across the country teaching, competing, and performing all while honing his own style and flow. He holds titles in various Pole Sport Organization competitions as well as the title of Exotic Generation USA Mens Champion of 2019.


With just a little over a year of pole dance under his belt, Johnny has trained in both aerial silks and gymnastics earlier in life.


Like many others who take on pole, he finds traditional exercise to be unfulfilling and prefers a more artistic outlet. Pole has provided him that and more with his wonderful Fly Club family. Join his classes for a healthy mix of fun and exercise!


Wolfie has been performing on stage for many years, but only recently discovered the guilty pleasures of pole dancing.


He graduated from the Chicago College of Performing Arts with a BFA in Musical Theatre before finding himself fully submerged into the world of pole. Beginning his pole journey in Oct 2019, he trained hard and long to hone in on his skill set and is now incredibly excited to begin teaching at Fly Club.


Wolfie is a strong believer that everyone can find their own sense of sensuality through pole dance and cannot wait to help facilitate those discoveries through his Elements of Sexy classes.  


Alison began pole dancing in 2016 on a whim and quickly fell in love with the artistry, strength, and self-expression of pole dancing. The only thing she loves more than creative spin pole passes is the warm & goofy community of pole dancers that accompany the many hours of training and dancing at Fly Club.


Alison believes that everyone’s movement journeys are unique; she’s so excited to help folks of all fitness and dance backgrounds (including those with none prior to pole, like herself!) discover their own style and passion for pole. Alison currently teaches Mixed Pole and Teen Twirl at Fly Club Chicago and can't wait to move with you.


Sophia took her first pole class in July 2019 and immediately fell in love. Pole has provided Sophia with a safe space for personal exploration without fear of judgment, and she is thrilled to help create this space for future students. She believes that pole helps facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself, your body, and your sexuality - opening the gateway to untapped confidence, strength, patience and more. 

Sophia’s passion lies with sensual movement, heel technique, freestyle, and refining the tiniest of details. She believes strongly that we must always support our stripper and sex worker siblings and trailblazers who brought us the joy of pole. Whether you feel most comfortable in your coziest sweats and socks, or 8” heels and your skimpiest outfit (or maybe both, depending on the day!) Sophia can’t wait to Slink with you!


Sin Martin started her pole journey in October 2016. Initially, she was looking for a fun fitness regimen that she could actually stick to, but she was immediately smitten with the artistry and challenges of pole dance. Most importantly, Sin fell in love with how good pole dancing made her feel about herself!

Since embarking on her journey, Sin lost 50 pounds while gaining strength, confidence, and several friendships. She describes herself as a life-long learner and continues to study all aspects of sensual and exotic movement.


Sin is now a Liquid Motion certified instructor and has been competing and performing since 2018. Using her background in public arts education, Sin hopes to motivate her students grow, unlock their own creativity, and fall in love with the process of learning!

Join Sin for weekly Drip classes at Fly Club Chicago and floornicate to your heart's content!


For as long as she can remember, Danielle has loved to dance. Since a young girl, Danielle has been immersed in the world of performance art - from musical theater, traveling show choir, or dance recitals.

It wasn't until Danielle began dancing with a dance studio on the Southside of Chicago in 201 7 that she learned the movement techniques of feminine energy and sensuality. Not to mention how to be SEXY AS HELL!

Since then, Danielle has learned how to not only move with intention, but how to also tease AND please a crowd. Danielle discovered the rabbit hole that is pole dance in 2020 and enjoy every moment. She believes that pole has been an excellent addition to her dance abilities and can't wait to see how far she can go!

Danielle believes that every person should live in their sexy and own it to the fullest. Her goal is to teach students exactly how to do that while simultaneously personalizing and individualizing their individual movement - along with touches of  eye contact, attitude, joy, and authenticity.


Mollie started pole dance without any prior dance or fitness experience at Brown University as part of the college team, The Poler Bears, and she immediately fell in love with it.  Mollie taught as a student coach for the team before teaching at Boston Pole Fitness and Providence Pole Fitness.  In a desire to improve her foundations, she began training contortion, hand balancing, dance, duo acro, lyra, and trapeze.  

Mollie moved to Kansas City for medical school and became the Head Coach at Pole Worx where she focused on instructor education. She also performed duo acrobatics as a company member of Kansas City Aerial Arts. Mollie then moved to Chicago for her Emergency Medicine residency, where it was love at first sight of Fly Club. 


Mollie's primary teaching focus has always been safe progressions through proper cuing and the development of strength and flexibility. She has coached students through competitions, showcases, and the cultivation of their personal style.


Ms. Mighty brings together her Jamaican cultural roots and professional experiences into a fun class environment. She is Creative Director of BODY By Mighty, a Caribbean lifestyle arts and media company. Her dedication and love for Caribbean music and movement has taken her all over the world to train, perform, and teach. 

Stage performances include experiences with Lady Say, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Elephant Man, Konshens, Mavado, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Black Coffee, and more.


Gabby clean-3 (1).jpg

Gaby began her pole journey in 2019 at Studio X Pole Fitness in Fayetteville, NC. In preparation for an audition at a local strip club, Gaby heeded the call for an intro to pole class. After her first hit, she was both mesmerized and hungry for more.

Although primarily self-taught, Gaby has also learned from other pole studios, instructors, and strip clubs across her 4 years of experience. Pole dance gave birth to embodied movement and opened a vessel for expression and empowerment that had always been there, but never quite released. It has opened many doors of interest for self-love and care, as well as introduced her to a community of badass polers from all over.

Gaby is tickled pink to share her burning passion for pole and her prowess for dancing in 8-inch heels with the Fly Club Fam. She can't wait to help peeps find performance confidence while fostering a deeper connection to their sensuality through pole dance and flexy fitness.


For this boisterous Chicago native, Yin yoga is a secret weapon for her big calm and boundless energy! Eager to share the healing Gifts of breath, presence, and yoga with her fellow humans, Stephanie completed Yin training in 2022 and is now both honored and humbled to be part of the Fly Club family. If you don’t find her teaching "Blade Runner goth lullaby" Yin classes, you can catch her getting sweaty and bendy at a hot yoga studio, producing Italian horror film fests, and/or running around Europe – sometimes all at once!

KMP - 20221023 - Fly Club Shoot Day - Elom-236 2.jpg

Elom first dipped her pinky toe into the pole pond in 2018 and hasn't looked back - except to look back at it! After a friend suggested they take an intro class at their local pole studio in Springfield, Oregon - Polemic - she knew she had found something special. Like a moth to a flame, Elom was immediately drawn to the pole dancing community and has continued to deep dive into learning as much as she could from studios in Oregon, Florida, and now - Fly Club in Chicago. 


Elom enjoys pole as an outlet to express herself through powerful sensual movement. The glides, clacks, rolls, and waves are all fireworks for Elom's senses! She is a lover of sultry movement - blending low flow, floorwork, and dynamic spins together. Elom recently competed in the 2022 Pole Sport Organization and brought home the gold in the Level 3 Exotic category. 


Elom cannot wait to support others in exploring what feels sexy to them!


Andreina began pole dancing back in 2017 at WorkIt Dance & Fitness in Connecticut. She had recently started her first job as an Engineer in a new city and was looking for an outlet to connect with people. She fell hard and fast for pole dancing and, within four months of taking her first class she participated in her first competition. Since then, Andreina has competed numerous times and, most recently, took first place in May 2023 at PSO Central, Championship Level 4.


Andreina’s movement exploration journey began with pole dancing but has since branched out into latin dance. When Andreina is not pole dancing, she is out and about social dancing to the rhythm of salsa, bachata, and cha cha cha. 


Andreina’s passion lies in making hard tricks look easy. She has a special interest in pole sport, aerial tricks and all of their variations. She’s 1000 volts of energy 1000% of the time and is super excited to teach at Fly Club!


Growing up in Miami, Alexis always dreamed of taking yoga classes at trendy studios, but felt too intimated. At 21 she moved to Chicago seeking to make a change. Like many others, she experienced a disconnect in the relationship with her body during the pandemic.

Starting off with HIIT classes in her living room, she felt emboldened to explore forms of self-expression through movement, discovering a passion for yoga and circus arts. Having stumbled upon Fly Club she quickly fell in love with the passion and knowledge of both teachers and students and was inspired to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

Now, she cultivates a practice with emphasis on mind-body connection and bodily autonomy and seeks to share the healing power of movement with those who attend her community yoga class.


Mateo's dance journey began when he was knee high to a grasshopper! Mesmerized by the choreography in music videos, Mateo knew that movement and dance would be a big part of his future.


At the age of 17, Mateo joined a dance crew in his native home of Colombia. Rooted in hip hop, Mateo explored different rhythms & genres and participated in group competitions.  It wasn't until he stumbled upon the world of pole dance that Mateo finally found the missing piece to his movement puzzle.  He began training in Colombia with many talented dancers and ultimately relocated to Chicago to further cultivate his love & passion for the art and sport of pole dance.

Mateo is an experienced competitor & what he loves most about pole is dancing his tricks, flowing through his transitions, and exploring different concepts and ideas. Mateo is very excited to join the Fly Club instructor team and looks forward to helping his students along their pole journey & develop their skills.


Lisa enjoys fitness and has been a lifelong athlete. (mostly in track and field.) This passion for movement led her to get a bachelors degree in physical education. Although dancing was a foreign concept for her, in 2017 she tried out a pole dance class with a friend for fun but immediately fell in love and has never looked back!! Pole has filled a huge space in her life. Lisa lives for dynamic power moves and sporty tricks but loves that pole has limitless combos, styles, and flows. She has also become an experienced competitor over the past couple years.


Lisa is grateful for the community that comes with pole and feels fortunate to support others along in their pole journey. She is thrilled to share her passion with the Fly Club Fam and help students break down complex movements step by step to meet their goals.


Tim began his pole journey in France back in 2019, with no prior dance experience. What started as a spontaneous decision quickly evolved into a profound love for this expressive art form, characterized by a captivating blend of athleticism, awe-inspiring tricks, and the graceful allure of low-key, sensual movements.

In 2020, Tim stumbled upon Lyra and it clicked! In no time, Lyra became his newfound passion, adding another dimension to his repertoire. He found Lyra to be a perfect complement to pole dance, offering a new way to explore movement & flow. 

Now, Tim steps into a new role as a Lyra teacher - at Fly Club. His mission is to share the joy of movement, foster self-expression, and inspire individuals to embrace the magic of dancing in the air. Whether it's the dynamic energy of choreographies, the thrill of mastering tricks, or the fluidity of sensual movements, Tim is excited to elevate your dance journey at Fly Club.


Ever since Eva was a little girl, she has had a love for dance. She took her first ballet class at age of three and dance has been an integral part of her life ever since. Funny enough! Eva was looking for a ballroom dance studio when an ad for a pole class popped up instead. She decided to give the class a try, and the rest... is herstory.


Eva believes everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. She is passionate about uplifting others and believes that pole provides a perfect avenue for self exploration. Eva feels deeply honored to guide and support anyone embarking on their own movement journey, and is very excited to foster a safe and liberating space for her students to develop and grow :)

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